Exalytics and the “Secret Sauce”

Just getting back from Kscope15 where I saw most of the familiar blog folks (in no particular order): Glenn Schwartzberg, Cameron Lackpour, Tim Tow, Tim German, Francisco Amores, Sarah Zumbrum, Celvin K, and John Goodwin. Cameron convinced several of us a second book was a good idea after swearing after […]

Just Scrub It!

While working on an ASO optimization problem we need to use the full data set however have it be scrubbed. Based on client preference I went down the MS route and started using Regular Expressions in VB Script.  This quickly became a frustrating exercise as these “Regular Expressions” do not […]

Oh Hybrid what license do I need?

There is quite a chain on Network 54 Essbase forum regarding Hybrid. If you haven’t heard yet Hybrid is the future of the Essbase OLAP engine combining the Block Storage and Aggregate Storage Engines together for the best of both world.  The release is the best place to begin […]

Password Attack

Dusting some things off here post Kscope 15.  This doesn’t look like it saw the light of day. As an aside still has the password should contain no special characters clause.  Do read the last few sentences if you use products requiring the repository creation utilities also (RCU) as […]